- What was the best gift you ever received?

The best gift I ever received was a surprise trip to Florence from an ex-girlfriend. Whilst exploring the art and architecture of that magical city was an absolute treat, the gesture itself had an even more powerful effect on me. Neither of us were financially flush at the time, so I knew this was a significant investment on her behalf. In one act she showed me her generosity and thoughtfulness, whilst also sharing her passion for culture with me. I still treasure the memory of that gift nearly 20 years later.
...and the worst?
The worst gift I ever received was deodorant and talcum powder from an ex-girlfriends mum (different girl). What made it worse was that she gave me the same thing three years on the trot. Was she trying to tell me something….?

- What’s the best present you’ve ever given?

There are so many inspirations and motives for buying presents. This past winter I went to Jamaica to spend Christmas with family members I either hadn’t seen in over 15 years or just had never met before. I spent ages talking to different relatives about each of them, trying to get a sense of them all, because I wanted to buy each of them something personal. I ended up buying Tom Dixon decanters for my older cousins, while their kids who are both at Uni in LA got Off-White t-shirt for him and a Fornasetti candle for her. However sometimes you just see something and you think of someone, and you know it’s going to be right. For example I discovered a beautiful gold metallic Rick Owens cape earlier this year, very distinctive, maybe not everyone’s cup of tea, however I just knew it would look amazing on the girl I was seeing at the time. They only had one left, I bought if for her, and it fit like it was made for her. That’s such a lovely feeling. However the best present I ever bought for someone was a black leather handbag I bought for my mum when I was about 18. It was the first real present I bought for her with money I’d earned myself. It wasn’t a flash label and I’ve certainly bought her more expensive presents since, however she treasured it and used it for years. What it meant to her, meant the world to me.

- What’s your latest WhisperME list for? 

It's a style list for me, to keep everything that catches my eye in one space and remember where its from. WhisperME has been an amazing place to curate looks together, see if they work then buy them or keep them in mind when the sales hit. 

- Lastly, is there a gift-to-self you’ve got your eye on?

With Ibiza this summer in mind, I’m thinking of treating myself to a pair of aviator style tortoiseshell Gucci sunglasses. There was a time when buying an expensive pair of glasses for Ibiza was futile considering they probably wouldn’t last two days of ‘Island life’. Hopefully older and wiser now, and with kids in tow, these will see me through a couple weeks of fun on the White Isle.

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