When Penny met Abby...

Creative Director Abby Johnson is the Founder, curator and photographer of the WhisperME dream.

With little more than bold ambition, an iPhone and a keen eye for design (plus a pretty solid background in design, advertising and marketing having run her own creative company); the fashion-obsessed mum of two is on a mission to revolutionise how stylish people give and receive gifts.

Yorkshire born business brain Penny Verbe is WhisperME’s CEO.

Having beaten a rare form of cancer as a teen, Penny found a real drive to succeed and co-founded Smoke & Mirrors, the world’s first independent post-production company, at the age of just 23. After setting up offices in London, New York and Shanghai over fifteen years, Penny sold the business and became COO of the Oscar winning Passion Pictures group where she executive produced the eponymous Burberry Beijing holographic runway fashion show.

Penny had been consulting ever since, until she met Abby at the Cannes Advertising Festival and fell in love with her blonde ambition, feral children and the WhisperME manifesto.

The pair shared (very true and unfortunate) stories of receiving printers for birthdays and stain removers for Christmas…

…the rest is history.

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